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Emeralds EmeraldsDoes It Look Like I’m Here? (Daphni Remixes)

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On over 50 releases distributed over six years, the name Emeralds has only been credited as remixer on one occasion: according to Discogs, it was on “Very Friendly”, a 12” by noise project AIDS Wolf (which is in fact a Throbbing Gristle cover) that also included reworks by Jason Forrest and John Olson. And the other way around, i.e. other artists remixing Emeralds' tracks, things are even bleaker: there have been none. No remixes of the cosmic Ohio trio have ever been released, save the odd edit, which makes this 12” even more valuable than it already looked to be. Daphni, who is none other than Dan Snaith, alias Caribou, going deeper into his dance music side, has reconstructed one of the tracks from Emeralds' last album, released on Mego in 2010, blessing it with the beat and tempo the meditative, gliding original lacked. A simple and predictable move that, if executed well, can give excellent results; the first version, “Daphni Mix 1”, has the same effect that DFA got when they remixed Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom's “Rise”: a repetitive piece becomes a dance monster by just adding a beat where arpeggios and drones make for lengthy waves, bringing back the metronomic, disco-like pulse to Kraut-rock, in the vein of the best Giorgio Moroder.

The two versions aren't very different from each other – “Daphni Mix 2” sounds calmer (it's shorter, too), but not less tight; this is tense, cutting music, the arpeggio has been sped up considerably, and it creates a feeling of suspension of time and evaporation of space, like Carl Craig did on his remix of “Relevee”, also by Delia & Gavin. Here the names are different, but the sound is identical: cosmic music of the latest generation, to which a top-notch producer has added the pulse, the beat and the epic that's latent on the A-side. After hearing this, a painful question comes up: how many Emeralds remixes have we been missing out on in all these years of reluctance? Now that the gates have been opened, we can only hope that more remixes will start coming in.

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