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Planas PlanasLook Into My Eyes / Roots Music

7 / 10

Planas IMMERSE RECORDS (IME018, 12” + digital)

Look Into My Eyes” could be included in the growing short-list of hybrids of hearty dubstep that’s fit-for-purpose for drum’n’bass –like Moving Shadow or the best of Good Looking– by building the track around dynamic beats, helium vocals and passionate keyboard textures as shiny as silverware. In another words, it has that pale elegance of old school Jungle productions and ambient pads. Planas, who has released tracks on the daring label Ranking Records alongside Quark and Ruckspin, fuses dark-tinted dubstep and Neoclassic strings, moves into uncertain dubstep territory that doesn´t include the bottom end from the Croydon school, but agile keys, vocal snippets and semi-jazz harmonies similar to Alex Reece or Photek. “ Look Into My Eyes” is one of those songs you could play before or after “ Hyph Mngo” ( Joy Orbison).“ Roots Music”, on the other hand, with a bigger load of pianos, forgets the drum’n’bass and it’s the kind of music it will fit DJs like Benga, as a glove. Toby Davies, a trusted procurer of good sh*t. Claude T. Hill

Planas - Look Into My Eyes by immerserecords

Planas - Roots Music by immerserecords


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