Little People (Black City) Little People (Black City)


Matthew Dear Matthew DearLittle People (Black City)

8 / 10

Matthew Dear Little People (Black City)

GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL (GI-125, 12” + digital)

Of all the tracks on the stealthy “Black City”, “Little People”, with its nine minutes of neo-disco manoeuvres and the noir mood –very Batman, had “The Dark Knight” been shot in the same year as the first part of “Superman”– is the one which will draw the attention of the majority of DJs. It’s long, has an interesting unfolding, is useful to those who like their melodies and look for a constant rhythm to move the punters’ feet. It’s therefore logical that the track was chosen as a single. What was harder was to think about was the perfect accompaniment for this little Matthew Dear miracle –B-sides? Remixes?– but even the proper track already came with precise instructions as to who to ask for a remix and how long it would have to be. Nobody has done more to elevate the revival of slow disco to the highest level than Mark E, still a obscure name outside retro dance circles but absolutely capital and infallible. His two versions of “Little People” –only one, the dub version, appears on the vinyl; the incredible “Mark E Remix” is kept for the digital release (someone is going to have to explain why the plastic gets the lesser part)– elegantly and seemingly effortlessly strip the original track and, without much apparent change, transform it completely into a remix which sounds like the reflection in a concave mirror. The only thing Mark E does is change the majority of the rhythmic and melodic elements for others “from back in the day” –a cowbell, a conga, he renews the synthesisers to give them a more mechanical sequence– and, although he keeps the vocal, the structure and the length of the composition, what he achieves is that the original and the remix are like Coke and Pepsi: you can consume both, but you’ll always prefer one to the other because its taste touches you. To me, the Mark E remix is Coke.

Ronald Fritze

Matthew Dear- Little People(Black City) Mark E Remix

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