Lipsmacker EP Lipsmacker EP


Al Tourettes & Appleblim Al Tourettes & AppleblimLipsmacker EP

8 / 10

Al Tourettes & Appleblim  Lipsmacker EP AUS MUSIC (AUS1028, 12” + digital)

Laurie “ Appleblim” Osborne always performs better when he has somebody at his side. And this is no expression of disdain – au contraire: sometimes a great mind needs the assistance of an outsider, a kindred spirit to get the best out of him. See the example in football of Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta; on their own they are huge, together they are invincible – and Appleblim is one of those who go further whether it be with Shackleton by his side, or Komonazmuk. He needs the energy from outside to fully bloom, like a plant. On this EP, which marks his return to Aus Music, he teams up with his Bristolian neighbour Alec Storey, and the outcome couldn’t have been more interesting: broken, post-dubstep rhythms and a multicoloured arrangement based on fierce but fluid, techno-dub-like basslines, wonky melodies with disoriented breaks, pinched vocals and a lot of suspense – and that’s only the track “Lipsmacker” – and a general IDM-ish construction à la Alex Smoke on “Mr. Swishy”, a tune turned into a pleasant deep-house trip featuring the trumpet of Scotsman Linkwood, which tones down the baroquism a bit with the relaxing touch of the Prime Numbers imprint. All this can be found on the 12” release, but on the digital version there’s a Deadboy remix that has left the original track stripped down to the core – bass, drum and acid rain sounds – and immersed it in a cloud of smog and shadows. And so it is confirmed once again: there is strength through union.

Javier Blánquez

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