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Les Sins Les SinsLina

7 / 10

Les Sins Lina CARPARK (CAK056, 12” + digital)

“Lina” sounds like Thomas Bangalter and Shit Robot getting together to resuscitate Stardust, that funk-house project that was so successful some time ago. Really, this track is almost as catchy as “Music Sounds Better With You” or any kitschy moment on Daft Punk’s “Discovery”. But no, neither Bangalter nor Shit Robot is behind this tune. Nor is anyone from the DFA or Ed Banger labels. Les Sins is the disco alias of Chaz Bundick, better known as Toro Y Moi, representing the most danceable side of the chill-wave scene. His album from early this year, “Causers Of This”, already used the bass drum in spite of its old and homemade sound, like a cassette that has been recycled a thousand times. Les Sins is only one level up, with regards to the technical precision –it’s not exactly hi-fi though–, but there is more fun and hedonism (the vocals would be perfect for The Juan Maclean), especially when we get to “Youth Gone”, a B-side of filtered disco in the vein of Roulé or DJ Sneak. It sounds very cliché at times, with those disco loops turned into crowd pleasing pyrotechnics, but it’s understandable if you think of it this way: it’s the music of a young man who grew up with “Homework” as one of his favourite albums. Hypnagogia, only this time it’s disco hypnagogia re-creating the nineties. Who are we to stop him?

Ronald Fritze

Les Sins "Lina" by carparkrecords

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