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Cold Cave  Life Magazine Remixes MATADOR (OLE-941-6, 12” + digital)

It’s with slight disappointment that we notice Delorean’s remix has not been included on the physical format of the “ Life Magazine” remix package. We presume they have done this because they are preparing to release another maxi at a later date with all the material missing from this 12”, which will include the second take from Optimo (Espacio)’s reconstruction, the “ Flexi Pop Mix”, and something from the Matador stables. Or, possibly, the reasoning is that the summery and optimistic vibe of the Spaniard’s remix doesn’t get to connect completely with the muscle-bound exaggeration of the noisy-electro revisions of Arthur Baker, the first of the Optimo (Espacio)’s takes, the Pantha Du Prince remix and, of course, Prurient’s re-working. Perhaps Delorean’s absence on the tracklist is of benefit to the 12” as a whole, as it becomes cold, unsympathetic, sharp as a knife, even if the original “ Life Magazine” is one of the more sparkling and pop tracks from the album by Cold Cave. But, speaking in the context of a minimal wave revival and in this instance, what the doctor ordered is anything by joyous. “ The Arthur Baker’s Not Going Back Mix” is explosive - the distortion of the background melody is stomped on by electro forms out of control, so much so that it does your head in. It is difficult to imagine a DJ playing this track, as she or he would destroy any chance of achieving a progression or transitional moment in the set. This is a track to close the night, get your jacket and head off home. On the other hand, the Optimo (Espacio) remix stylises and polishes the song. Even if the version is not exactly on a balearic tip, it is warmer, easier to mix and to listen to at home, and is perhaps the best argument to play this EP, as Pantha Du Prince resurfaces with the sound from his “ Black Noise” –crystal dissonant melodies and background tension- plus, Prurient does what he usually does, which is to repeat the isolation of the noise and the gabber kick-drums. Dark vibes.

Javier Blánquez

Cold Cave - Life Magazine (Optimo (Espacio) Mix) [Matador] by alchemyremixmanagement

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