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Martyn MartynLeft Hander / Shook Up

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Martyn Left Hander / Shook Up 3024 (302410, 12” + digital)

In January, Martijn Deykers released a mixed album in the Fabric series, earning himself the admiration of loyal audiences once again by showing he’s not limited to one sound as a producer / DJ. The album was a gem of high-precision mixing with a great variety of selection, up to the point of touching effortlessly on funky house. In a very intelligent and subtle way, Martyn got rid of any exclusive association around the fusion of techno and dubstep –which always was a bit limiting, we have to admit. But since that release there has been nothing but silence, not on the part of his label, 3024, which has released a couple of great singles in 2010, such as the “Titan EP” by Illum Sphere, but in his own productions: he fell silent, right when the flying Dutchman –now located in Washington DC– seemed to be on a roll. We almost forgot about him, which would have been unfair. Now, the release of “Left Hander / Shook Up” reduces Martyn’s almost twelve months of sabbatical to a mere anecdote. A warning though: Martyn is back largely the same as before, with no particularly new sounds. Those who expected a new twist will remain holding on for it.

“Shook Up” is, in fact, almost techno, which is not to say it’s techno from start to finish. The beat is solid and the breaks are cosmic ruptures like those from the best days of Paperclip People. The synthesisers unfold long ambient passages and there’s even an interlude that sounds like old school acid. “Left Hander” also enters that same sonic universe so associated with labels like Planet E or Rush Hour and with producers such as Vince Watson: there is floating movement, a beat the directs the pace, with a more cutting rhythm, like a jazz drum. These are two splendid tracks on a par with Martyn’s prestige and which see him steadily resume the path he was on when he decided to lay low for a while, the fusion of new European urban electronica with the deep textures of Chicago and Detroit. Granted, he could have been more surprising, but the main thing is that he’s good.

Claude T. Hill Shook Up by 3024world

Left Hander by 3024world

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