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Eluvium EluviumLeaves Eclipse The Light

8 / 10

Eluvium Leaves Eclipse The Light TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LIMITED (TRR 164, CD)

The start of Eluvium latest album “Similes” (Temporary Residence, 2010) was precisely “Leaves Eclipse The Light”, and for those who had followed Matthew Cooper’s career it was a bit of a shock: now the boy sings as well. Planting a forest of sound on his records and booking an orchestra to change his discourse based on ambient and drones into a kind of neo-classical and melancholic fantasy wasn’t enough anymore, now he wants to be a delicate songwriter as well. As we just said, this was a shock at first; as the record played on we found it was a logical move and that the result was good, so as long as Eluvium remains the aesthetic of melancholy it should not matter if he opens his mouth or not. “Leaves Eclipse The Light” also is the door to enter this single, which holds 18 minutes worth of new material that will be like manna from heaven for the hungriest fans. On one hand there is the new composition “A Life In Tides Less Current”, which runs for almost eleven minutes and is Cooper’s answer to those who was missing his hypnotic and instrumental way of composing, a trembling beauty that could come from that 2005 masterpiece “Talk Amongst The Trees”. On the other hand the EP is closed by the Four Tet remix of “The Motion Makes Me Last”, which keeps its pianos and strings but with added kick drum and bells –obsessive but never overwhelming– and 2step style vocal phasing at the end, which increments the emotional density of the new version. It’s impossible not to like this single and I’d say that it’s even possible that you end up petrified, shrunken and deeply moved after hearing it.

Tom MadsenEluvium - Leaves Eclipse the Light

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