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NSNT PRJCT Laygo My Faygo WILD OATS (WO-N5NT, 12”)

Wild Oats is the label of Kyle Hall. Everything released on it, and this is the fifth single, carries his stamp, his breath and his blood (or at the least a remix by him). Wild Oats, like Kyle Hall, is therefore one of the still firmly standing bastions of Detroit techno-soul. NSNT PRJCT is, as it couldn’t be any other way, another Hall project, although in this case he isn’t on his own. His partner is Manuel Gonzales, a first-time collaborator who Kyle Hall reckons we’re going to be hearing a lot of great things from. But besides that, it’s 99% his record, one that deserves the same attention as everything else he’s released so far. NTNT is the abbreviation of a maxim ( “Nu School N1994 Techno”) that guides the stylistic development of the four tracks: the revision, from the present and the new school, of old techno with incursions in European and American undercurrents. In essence, this is a very deep and housey 12”, as in “Tr4mps”, and when it’s not deep, it’s softly spatial, in “(We Invented Dis)”, a track that could have come from some of the first Planet E releases. But on the B-side the sound is more continental European, more Beglian and German, harder and more metallic: “1.0 Tr4mps”, the raw version of the opening track, adopts metallic tones and a coarse unfolding, as if it were an Omar-S production, and “Recog”, if it’s reminiscent of anything, would be like the Jeff Mills of Axis: a kind of techno that economises sounds, centres the power in the kick drum and turns around its own axis like a planet. Another idea that becomes very clear when the needle leaves the groove: if anyone can claim to be the present master of Detroit, it’s Hall. His star keeps shining.

Ronald FritzeNSNT PRJCT - Laygo My Faygo - Wild Oats - WO-N5NT - 2010

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