Lay In A Shimmer Lay In A Shimmer


Pantha Du Prince Pantha Du PrinceLay In A Shimmer

8 / 10

Pantha Du Prince Lay In A Shimmer ROUGH TRADE (RTRADST591, 12”)

Pantha Du Prince didn’t give it his all on “Black Noise”. He kept some cards in his hand in order to play a winning game in the future. That record, the trembling minimal techno version of the quiet before the storm –“black noise” being the imperceptible vibration before earthquakes that only animals can hear, which tells them to start running– could have been longer if the German had included “Sonnesturm” and “Ursonate 3”, two exclusive cuts that, alongside “Lay In A Shimmer” –the first track off the record, released in February– and a remix of the same tune, form a 12” that seems to be the bonus disc, the complementary piece for those who wanted more.

There are no sudden changes of style, there’s only more of what there was already. At his best, Pantha Du Prince hides the melodies –which are fragile, as usual– by muffling them and sticking them in a tangle of atomised 4x4 beats and a constellation of noise that has the texture of stones, water, fog and forests. The music continues to sound as intoxicating as ever, on that crossroads of sweetness and darkness, and although it hasn’t got the added value of the remix by some fashionable producer –as on the previous vinyls which had contributions by Efdemin– it’s enough for me. I like this 12” because it’s Pantha Du Prince in his purest form. Furthermore, he reconstructs his own “Lay In A Shimmer” with a “fata morgana remix” that is more luminous and psychedelic than we usually see him.

Richard Ellmann

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