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King Midas Sound King Midas SoundKuedo & Mala Versions

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King Midas Sound  Kuedo & Mala Versions HYPERDUB (HDB054, 12” + digital)

On the 2nd of November, the King Midas Sound double remix LP will be released. I can't wait, which is why this 12”, a short but succulent appetiser, helps a lot to make it more bearable. When “Without You” is fully released, we'll also have reconstructions of Kevin Martin and his ghostly singers' material by Flying Lotus, Gang Gang Dance, Kuedo, Nite Jewel and Hype Williams. There's tension here; the version Hyperdub presents on this vinyl seems to set a dark(er) and deep(er) tone for the rest of the album. It's a worm - twisting and turning on a rusty fish hook - and don't you doubt it, the idea is that you take a bite and then writhe in pain.

The first remix or version sees Kuedo, the former member of Vex’d, taking us to a new territory where surreal dubstep and analogue IDM meet. Kuedo keeps the structure of “Goodbye Girl” and respects Hitomi's vocals, but while on the original piece there was a nocturnal and creeping feeling of defeat, with a very vague notion of danger, it all sounds fatter and more violent on this version; the basslines are on the verge of exploding, the drums are all over the place. On the second remix/version, Mala, 50% of Digital Mystikz, adds more darkness to “Earth A Kill Ya”, injects more shadows and ghostliness to a piece which in its original version is urban dub with a few interjections by Roger Robinson. It now sounds even more urban, catchier, more noir. It will be hard to maintain this level on the whole of “Without You”, but I have faith.

Claude T. Hill

Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Remix)”

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