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Duffstep  Know You / More Lies SAIGON RECORDINGS (SAIGON002, 12” + digital)

As we have been able to confirm, thanks to the works of artists like Roof Light, the worlds of dubstep and disco edits aren’t as far apart as they may seem. There’s a mysterious intersection –which possibly has something to do with the similarity in tempos within a slow frame– where the breaks and vocals, more so when they sound like those patented by Burial, can be arranged along loops taken from an old world in which house didn’t exist yet but where dance music transmitted a powerful passion and a latent sexual pulse. Those two worlds coincide in the work of Jeremy Duffy, albeit under different aliases: as Duff Disco he does disco edits in the style of Greg Wilson or Mark E; as Duffstep he makes a future garage that sparkles with bells, euphoric vocals taken from 2step and elastic rhythms that give the sensation of speed on “Know You”, but aren’t really that fast: they’re simply dynamic, well-braided with the skills of someone who has studied the secrets of rhythm. The B-side features the same peaks of rhythmic intensity, it’s cadence is that of slightly slowed-down garage and with vocals two octaves below the normal in order to get that “Burial effect” which, in any case, is not nostalgia or sadness here, but something much more feverish. They are the stealthy movements of the (sexual) predator about to jump his prey. Duffstep is not only a new (and different) kid on the post-dubstep block, he’s also someone who knows how to cause goose bumps on the dancefloor. Ronald Fritze

Duffstep - Know You / More Lies EP by Duffstep

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