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Svpreme Fiend  Killer EP LOCAL ACTION (LOC002, 12”)

Maybe because they fear comparing themselves with a supreme being, because they don’t want to be exposed as “impostors” or because they want to avoid the dark shadow of their musical idols, but few producers have entered the scene with a sound similar to Burial (Pangaea, Clubroot, and that’s about it). Svpreme Fiend prefers to ignore the evidence. He recognises the similarity and justifies it by declaring himself fan of the shy Hyperdub recording artist, but he also says he’s making the music he feels and that he expects his audience to feel the same. He understands that we speak of Burial when talking about his music, but his only desire is for us to enjoy it. And his sincerity is such that he pulls it off. “Killer EP” is his debut effort for the young Local Action imprint, though it’s not his first release, and the four tracks are much in the vein of the young Brooklynite’s previous outings like “Prover” or “Heartache VIP”.

Hazy and phantasmagoric voices, steamy windows, shredded organic beats, melodic layers of sadness, restlessness and melancholy; “ Killer” opens the EP –and “ Downfall” closes it– proving what’s been said before. However, as the track evolves, there are traces of originality, enough to remember the American’s name. “ Deluge VIP” forces us to broaden the definition “Burialesque” with references like ambient, emotronics or Boards Of Canada, thanks to the synthesised melody. “Fervor” stands out, trading the sadness for tension and promises a future with less broken rhythms and a little bit more house. So remember this name and start forgetting about the Burial thing.

Mónica Franco

Svpreme Fiend - Heartache VIP by svpreme

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