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Kerrier District  Kerrier District 3 SOUNDOFSPEED (sosr009, 12”)

Kerrier District is one of hyperactive Luke Vibert’s most intermittent monikers, yet also one of his most acclaimed ones. I’m sure if we were to do a survey among our readers, many of them would prefer to be served with new material from this project every now and then rather than with his Wagon Christ material on a weekly basis, despite of the fact that all of his music has a recognisable sound. What makes Kerrier District different from his other projects is its deep submersion in vintage disco –in a way, it started as the freaky answer to Metro Area–, but the core ingredients are those he always uses: cheesy samples, elastic rhythms, a sense of humour and an imaginative use of broken beats. However, Kerrier District was on hiatus for five years, ever since the release of volume 2 –a 12” on Rephlex that was a sequel to the album released two years prior– and this unexpected return on Japanese deep-house label Soundofspeed should be considered a present.

Vibert unleashes four tracks that could be old or new; his sound hasn’t changed over the years. “Needy Feelin”, for example, sounds like his freaky disco full of tributes to rave culture (the vocal parts taken from Bizarre Inc.’s “Such A Feeling”), between funky basslines and pneumatic synths. “Disco Theme” is even more obvious, in the title, and apart from being a tribute to the old disco days, it’s a small scale reconstruction of the birth of hip-hop, with that structure of breakbeats and samples. Pure Vibert, no doubt, with two more great tunes on the flipside: “Kiss My Bass” has the same beat as Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, and “Dick” leaves the boogie behind to jump to early nineties British house, with another couple of trademark samples ( “Close Your Eyes” by Acen and “You Spin Me Round” by Dear Or Alive). If you ask me, I think Vibert should release one Kerrier District single a year or, if not, one album every three years.

Richard Ellmann

Kerrier District - Dick

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