Just Vybe / Step 2 Funk Just Vybe / Step 2 Funk


DVA feat. Fatima DVA feat. FatimaJust Vybe / Step 2 Funk

7 / 10

DVA feat. Fatima Just Vybe / Step 2 Funk

HYPERDUB (HDB040, 12” + digital)

“Just Vybe” opens a new possibility in the evolution of the funky house school. It’s not the option I would like to see the most in the future, not the one I would applaud –in fact it worries me a little bit where this could lead to if “Just Vybe” becomes some kind of hymn and other producers start to follow its path–, but seeing how this collaboration between Scratcha DVA and Fatima (regular vocalist on the Eglo imprint’s neo-boogie records) is set up, I wouldn’t mind if there was more like this to come. The possibility I’m talking about is the following: what if funky house would develop into a hyper-modern form of acid jazz? The participation of Fatima, vocally a very gifted girl who could also be on any Massive Attack record, adds the layer of soul, the somewhat exaggerated passion, the vocal brilliance and warmth that is so associated to mainstream and the adult audience. I’ve never had anything against that 70’s stuff, but the recent history of London’s music has taught us that taking that step doesn’t always have the consequences we’d hoped for. For example, I stopped following 4Hero because of “Two Pages”, the album on which they started to move from drum’n’bass to broken beat, from post-hardcore rage to neo-funk sateen: I simply believed they had lost something valuable and had gotten something trivial in exchange. For now, I don’t see DVA in that vein and “Just Vybe” even has its charms, and that puts my mind at ease. The B-side, instrumental and rich in percussion like he’s got us used to ( “Step 2 Funk”), still naked and nervous, tells us that his future isn’t only based on vocal tracks. So hopefully this is only an interesting exception and he keeps making his funky from rawness rather than sophistication.

Claude T. Hill

DVA ft Fatima - Just Vybe / Step 2 Funk by ScratchaDVAç

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