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Human tragedies and - in this case - sickness, are often the subject of great musical creations. We saw it not too long ago on The Antlers’ debut, “Hospice”, and also on Deerhunter’s “Spring Hall Convert”. Those two works are tributes to fallen friends. Accordingly, around the time How To Dress Well released “Love Remains”, his best friend Ryan Hutchon was on his deathbed. In response Tom Krell started to write “Suicide Dream 3” - but the result was too angry, desperate, and helpless. He let the months go by, but at the start of this year he picked up the song again - this time from a radically different viewpoint. Instead of crying over his loss, he decided to pay tribute to the man he had shared so much with. The result is this - “Just Once” - a very special EP featuring the previously unreleased track in question, alongside orchestral versions of three tracks from his first album.

On “Love Remains” we sensed that How To Dress Well had a virtuous voice. It was confirmed during his recent – albeit unsatisfactory - performance at Sónar 2011. Perhaps that’s why Tom Krell wanted to get everything out of his vocal skills on “Just Once”. Despite the fact that “Suicide Dream 3 (Orchestral Version)” has ended up as a piece brimming with strings, the real star is his sparkling falsetto. The trilogy of suicide dreams is completed with reinterpretations of the first two parts. “Suicide Dream 1” - formerly a mere interlude - is now a wonderful piece featuring a short a cappella, followed by lustrous piano and omnipresent strings. On “Suicide Dream 2” the piano is reinforced, the violins go by almost unnoticed and it’s less dark than the original. The EP is completed with a new version of one of the best songs on his debut, “Decisions”. This is where the differences are the least noticeable (the martial drums are still there, only sharper in the mix). A heavenly farewell .

Álvaro García Montoliu

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