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B. B for Blu. Blu, one of the most fascinating MCs of the past decade, maker of the supreme “Below The Heavens”, elusive and weird figure who didn't want or couldn't take advantage of the great reception of his debut album and preferred to keep a low profile, consistently mysterious. “Jesus”, his latest sign of life, signed as B, his most recent alter ego, is a new example of these slippery ways so unconventional in the music industry. It appeared on Bandcamp without warning and nobody took any notice, until people found out about the pseudonym. Confronted with the expectation the Californian producer and rapper's every move raises, he was left with no other option than to release it officially.

“Jesus” is a long EP, almost 28 minutes long, like a mini album, on which Blu once again explores his trademark lazy, soulful and somewhat melancholic hip-hop, but this time he does it in a deliberately very home-made style. It's lo-fi hip-hop, dusty and ghostly, recorded just to release a series of tracks and interludes without thinking about it too much, with the only objective to keep his project, with an old school sound yet incredibly fresh, going. The Alchemist, Madlib and Hezekiah contribute to the record to add some more weight to the affair, and they do a great job.

David Broc


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