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DJ Rashad DJ RashadItz Not Rite

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DJ Rashad Itz Not Rite PLANET MU (ZIQ285, 12” + digital)

Did you want more juke after the avalanche of tracks on the DJ Nate compilation? Of course you did. Here’s another young cat from the footwork scene of Chicago who comes to show off his technique and ideas under the patronage of Planet Mu, the last release on 12” before the imminent release of the album “The Crack Capone” (DJ Roc) and the compilation, in mid-December, of the most ghetto phenomenon in the Windy City since DJ Funk ( “Bangs & Works vol. 1”). The first thing to note here is that DJ Rashad has something that sets him apart from his peers, which is his imaginative use of the sampler. The boy has no problems sticking together acid samples that could be straight from Emmanuel Top ( “Who Da Coolest”), cacophonic jazz harmonies ( “10 On Da Cush”), and bleep bass lines ( “Teknitian” and “Baby”) which give his sonic fragments a fierceness that other producer don’t always transmit. He seems to construct his miniatures for the footwork battles with a knife between the teeth, adding power and aggression to them that helps him to stand out. He’s more hardcore than DJ Nate, that much is clear, much more abrupt and maybe with different luggage: while other juke masters seem to have been listening to a lot of Detroit ghetto-tek (DJ Assault & co.), Rashad seems to have done the same with the vinyls of the Drop Bass Network label. Our second thought is that “Itz Not Rite” contributes new details to the juke sound, but the frame of the music doesn’t vary. It’s like being in a continuous loop and it feels like the joke will cease to be funny any minute now. How long will it last? With DJ Rashad you get the feeling that, making it the way he does, there’s still a lot of juke to come.

Javier Blánquez

DJ Rashad . Itz Not Rite

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