It?s A Muthang / Midnight Mutant It?s A Muthang / Midnight Mutant


Mika Vainio Mika VainioIt?s A Muthang / Midnight Mutant

8 / 10

Mika Vainio It’s A Muthang / Midnight Mutant COMFORTZONE (CZ005, 7” + digital)

If you have listened closely to “Gravitoni” Pan Sonic’s last album before the definitive freeze of the project that had united Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen for over 15 years– and were left wanting more, this 7” is like that last drink before going home, like the scene at the end of the film that pulls the whole plot together, like the dessert after a historic dinner. The two tracks on this record –limited to 500 copies and probably already a collector’s item, although we’ll always have the download– don’t sound exactly like Pan Sonic, haven’t got the deep dub beat as central piece of it’s rhythmic clockwork mechanism, but do let the cold side of Vainio come out, the one who loves both industrial music and reggae. “It’s A Muthang” and “Midnight Mutant” could be two pieces that could easily fit in two types of catalogue: on one hand, the one of Mordant Music –there’s a hidden violence and atmospheric terror, a feeling of cataclysm and grey skies typical for the British label; on the other, the one of the minimal wave compilations on labels like Angular Recording Corporation or Stones Throw: primitive synthesiser sounds, rigid rhythmic manoeuvres in the margins of the first synth-pop of the eighties, a safe distance from the most violent atmospheric music. Where did this single come from? Is it an advance of something more? Will Mika Vainio keep releasing this kind of music? For now, those questions have no answer. What is clear though, is that this is the perfect epilogue to “Gravitoni” or, even better, the first step in a new direction we hope leads to a deep and far away place.

Ronald Fritze

Mika Vainio - It's a muthang by comfortzone

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