Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2 Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2


Leyland Kirby Leyland KirbyIntrigue & Stuff Vol. 2

9 / 10

Leyland Kirby  Intrigue & Stuff Vol. 2 HISTORY ALWAYS FAVOURS THE WINNERS (HAFTW-011, 12” + digital)

Part of me feels both privileged and honoured every time one can listen to new James Kirby material on the iPod or turntable. If it weren’t obvious yet that the man is in tip top shape right now, delivering sublime, hugely inspired productions, we’re reminded of it with ever 12” and album he releases. And it’s not only his work as The Caretaker – his incursions in ambient and nostalgic music under the moniker Leyland Kirby are even better, multiplying the effect of deep immersion. It’s easy to get captured by the series “Intrigue & Stuff”, which should see another, third episode and then cease: beyond the idea of the triple CD “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was” (2009), Leyland Kirby comes up with a liquid and turbid sound, like expressionist ambient, intense and with strong contrasts between shadow and light, between silence and almost noise-like friction.

Kirby perfectly incorporates the idea of “intrigue”, as indicated in the series’ title, but really it’s closer to horror, desperation and abandonment. “Eventually, It Eat Your Lungs” is not exactly a joyride: twelve minutes of under-water shrieking, lines prolonged like a silhouette by El Greco, the soundtrack, maybe, for the metastasis of a cancer. And the same goes for the last track on the A-side, “Speeded Up Slow Motion”, a wild ocean of analogue sounds and ambient mercilessly bombing the brain with images of combat, solitude and defeat. But all that is nothing compared to “Complex Expedition”, frozen music, polar, left to its fate (if it’s reminiscent of anything, it’s -at the start, anyway- the stealthy and dramatic ambient of Kreng, Elegi and Deaf Center), with the light only appearing with the introduction of a kind of organ, some funeral chords, like from an inert waltz, during twenty minutes that could be included by Guillermo del Toro on the soundtrack of his upcoming adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness. Dream can come true, but nightmares can too, and this record is proof of that. Tread carefully..

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