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Matthewdavid  International EP


If you take away the jazz from Flying Lotus and reinforce the psychedelic part of his music even more in a fantastic web of voices in the distance and soft synths, than you get Matthewdavid, Brainfeeder’s big hope to maintain their position in 2011 among the top labels opening doors to unheard sounds. But hold on: I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful when so directly connecting FlyLo with Matthewdavid, as if the latter were a substitute for the former. In truth, they are very different producers. The first comes from hip-hop, the second has a past much closer to pop and IDM, and his approach to audio, instead of settling for the science of abstract beats, dives into the thickness of bright ambient, in what would be the L.A. version of the global chillwave scene: with even more sun, more nostalgia, more beauty and more ecstasy, competing fiercely with Sun Araw.

It shouldn’t be surprising: Matthewdavid directs the Leaving Records imprint –which has more in common with textured indie than with futurist hip-hop– and here, anticipating his imminent first album, he makes clear his intentions and aesthetic characteristics. He’s ready to thrill and fascinate; he’s never opportunistic, and at times one could even say that he’s making the music –gliding, deep, dubby, charged with effects and trills, check out the kora on “Motion Trouble” and the angelical voice on “Leaving / Gone”– the mythical Seefeel refused to make upon their return. The four tracks on “International EP” are huge. I can’t wait for the album, which will undoubtedly be better on every level: risks, emotions and future impact

Claude T. Hill

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