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Jamie Grind / Gon Jamie Grind / GonInfra12003 Ep

8 / 10

Jamie Grind / Gon, Infra12003 Ep INFRASONICS (Infra12003, 12” + digital)

When Infrasonics was a label dedicated exclusively to the beautiful 10” format, there was only room for one artist and one sound: slow dubstep based on the techno textures of Berlin and clear 2step rhythms of Spatial. However, since the label has taken to the 12” format, the family has expanded with artists such as Ike Release, Hot City and Xxxy. Jamie Grind (born in Leeds) and Gon (originally Italian, now based in Dublin) are not only the newest signings, but also debutants on the over-populated scene of British bass music, though both show sufficient skills to be confident about their permanence. In the case of Jamie Grind's style is on the rough side, at the crossroads between metallic dubstep and tropical percussion. In a way it’s the sound patented by Brackles and Deadboy (especially on “If You Want”)–, but on “Balloon” you can already see his interest in exploring sunnier textures –like Martyn and Kode9– instead of fighting the urge to flee to cerebral isolation. His epigraph on MySpace describes it perfectly: post-garage. And that’s why this split single works like a clock: Gon sticks to the funkstep aesthetic without having to think twice. He is laying bets on organic sounding Brazillian street drums, riddled with wobbly bass lines and finishes off his side of the vinyl with those occasional Detroit-style pads –between Actress and Pearson Sound– that are so fashionable these days. A great record, pure zeitgeist.

Javier Blánquez

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