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Azari & III Azari & IIIIndigo EP

8 / 10

Azari & III Indigo EP TURBO (TURBO085, 12” + digital)

Fact number one: Tiga likes acid a lot. Despite the fact he is still dragging along that eighties kid image due to his electroclash thing, deep down he’s a raver who’s crazy for the most crunching and wild music. Oh yes, he loves synthetic pop, but he would stop eating if they would guarantee him his daily dose of 3030 in exchange. Fact number two: like him, Dinamo Azari and Alixander III are Canadian –from Toronto, to be exact– and they’re making the best acid around. So sooner or later we knew the time would come when Tiga would invite them to join the Turbo label’s roster and set the wheels of promotion in motion to get them a spot they deserve, which is way up there, prominent, for all to hear. In 2011 there will be an album by Azari & III, but in the meantime there will be singles, and the first of them is this double A-side “Indigo” plus “The Worker” –complemented with acapella and instrumental versions of the first cut– which will cause blisters on your arms. It’s furious house we hear, it’s pure fire: old school sounds –the 808 rules on “Indigo”, accompanied by passionate male and female vocals; the 303 furiously attacks on the darker and almost trance-like “The Worker”– a lot of rage, to have devastating effects on your feet. Acid of the old days played by the best talents of today? That definition applies to only one name: Azari & III. The wait for the album will be long and hard. Let’s hope there’ll be another preview on 12” before the year’s end.

Ronald FritzeAzari & III - Indigo

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