7 In 24 / Dogon 7 In 24 / Dogon


GB GB7 In 24 / Dogon

6.8 / 10

GB, a.k.a. Gifted And Blessed, is one of those L.A producers who’ve been around for years, and yet he has never quite got the fame and attention some might feel he deserves, especially considering he pushed a lot of sounds and stylistic ideas back in the mid to late 00s that have become standard fare in recent years. Somehow though, I doubt this has ever bothered him much, as the man’s music keeps coming and always manages to catch you slightly off-guard.

Case in point, this new 12” for the Dublin-based All City label. “7 in 24” is a straight-up drum machine jam, led by a spiralling arpeggio melody that’s like the Pied Piper leading your body to move and move and move. In the finest dance music tradition, GB builds the groove in a hypnotic fashion, playing with the tension and release and never quite giving the listener what he or she might expect. On the flip, “Dogon” is an electro/techno number that obviously nods to the Motor City’s enduring influence and golden years. Again, the use of hypnotic melodic loops and a sense that GB is playing with the listener’s expectations of what should happen and when, is what makes this a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Definitely not the kind of release for anyone seeking something obvious and well-formatted, however if you enjoy dance music that both aims to make you sweat and expand your mind, you will find plenty to enjoy here. And as always, killer artwork and packaging in the finest All City fashion, too.

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