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Ikonika  Ikonoklast HYPERDUB (HDB042, 12” + digital)

All the 12”s Ikonika has released during this year are (unofficially) the vinyl edition of the first album, “Contact, Love, Want, Have”. The reason the album wasn’t released properly on the two formats –CD and vinyl– in the first place has to be put to Kode9, but I suspect that, conscious of the limited potential of the album –which turned out to be below initial expectations–, he preferred to measure it out, to be able to adorn some of the original pieces with remixes that could elevate the quality level. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Ikonika’s album is bad. But I do believe it doesn’t offer anything that wasn’t already on previous EPs and it didn’t give a new dimension to the sound. This single features “Ikonoklast” and “Yoshimitsu”, two dubstep blows with 8bit melodies that are among the best tracks of the album: there’s a sense of futurism, a coldness in the forms, that adapts to what we usually take for “sci-fi movie music” –especially in the case of “Yoshimitsu”: it has traces of atmospheric Detroit techno. But compared to the remixes, they sound like predictable productions. The J.O.H. remix of “Ikonoklast” is an broadside attack of juke that dislocates the listener as soon as it starts –because it’s unexpected and violent–, although the tastiest track on the single is the rework by the infallible FunkinEven of “Idiot”, on which he conserves the video game sound, only to take the tune to his territory after a few seconds, to a fibered and elastic electro-funk on which the snares and claps are cutting edge. A remix that makes the purchase of this single worthwhile.

Ronald Fritze

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