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7 / 10

KidKut APPLEPIPS (PIPS013, 12” + digital)

KidKut is a new name, fresh blood for future garage of the Hessle Audio and Hemlock branch. And apart from finding him a spot, we should also facilitate space for him to progress and mature, for this one looks like a consistent worker who knows what he wants. Being under the wing of Appleblim –they’re both Bristolians– on the label he created after leaving Skull Disco is no reason for KidKut not to make the two tracks on the 12”, dynamic and spacious, of a sound closer to the liquid-textured and galloping house of Untold than to the twists Ramadanman gives to dub. The truth is that he has contrasting abilities: the two cuts on the vinyl are concise and efficient, with a duration of little over 5 minutes, and from the first break on, not a second is lost. A broken rhythm, a powerful bass, decorative sounds that add some abstraction and soulful notes (halfway through “ILove04” there is an ambient interlude reminiscent of the early sounds of Moving Shadow: this boy knows his history), embellishments that add warmth to a post-dubstep that never wishes to be alienating nor experimental, nor weird or smug. On the aforementioned “ILove04” there even are Brazilian carnivalesque whistles announcing the arrival of batucada percussion which positions it somewhere between Lil Silva, Peverelist and Jus Wan. Nobody knows what will happen, but I’ll bet KidKut will release a classic tune sooner or later. He still has to cut loose from his influences and become his own man, so let’s let him mature. There is no rush. Claude T. Hill

Kidkut - ILove04


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