Hylo / Suzuran Hylo / Suzuran


Quarta 330 and LV Quarta 330 and LVHylo / Suzuran

8 / 10

Quarta 330 and LV  Hylo / Suzuran HYPERDUB (HDB034, 12” + digital)

Sometime ago someone dreamt of mixing dubstep with compulsive gambling and Quarta 330 was born. Otherwise, Japan must be a land fertilised with loony extravagance that we applaud from this side with enthusiasm. When Kode9 signed this dubstep beats and chiptune melodies producer, it scored and uncovered an emergent micro-scene where immediately we can place Akira Kiteshi. But Quarta 330 has a unique selling point: their bet for a sound made of fruit machines and pre historic arcade games doesn’t sound offensive at all, it doesn’t seem to be a joke to wind you up, neither a brutal assault to piss people of like when Crystal Castles did the same to the punk sound. We could even say its music can be delicate, the honour goes to LV, one of those producers that relentlessly insists that the dub particle stays at the heart of the DNA composition of dubstep regardless of its mutations, being a sonic virus, into dozens of sub-genres- wonky, etc...- that have been surfacing during the past months. On “ Hylo” throws some rhythm at the cash machine melody on “ Suzuran” he goes even further: from the Quarta 330 remix made for the Japanese chiptuners Dong, he adds a 3rd twist balancing the lo-fi 8 bits, nursery rhymes and a seductive steamy dubstep. Claude T. Hill

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