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Vindicatrix Hume / Unborn Vectors


There are records that make it hard on you, and this one, in a way, does. What I’m saying is, they make it hard for you to explain what they are, because they aren’t easy to label, and the most logical description seems, here on my computer screen, absurd. For instance, one could say that “Hume” is a mix of Michael Jackson and Scott Walker, and such an expression sounds more like a joke than a sensible suggestion (and might make you fear laughter or mockery, instead of interest). But that’s the way it is sometimes. “Hume” is a mix of Michael Jackson –in fact, it’s a version of “Human Nature”– and Scott Walker (the Walker who sounds like Purgatory on “Tilt”), the musician the spectral Vindicatrix tries to approximate the most. This 12” is the natural progression from the album “Die Alten Bösen Lieder” (2009) –although it would be better to say “artefact”, because of it being a 12” + CD with an elaborate, handmade design–, on which he declared his love for hypnotic techno, esoteric industrial music in the vein of Coil and phantasmagoric baritone voices that sing on theatrical and cobweb-covered songs. After that, and during 13 crawling minutes (including the techno, which takes control in the last part and turns the track into a rave), comes “Hume”, 50% marvel and 50% otherworldly work. More so if we add the B-side, 10 more minutes in the form of “Unborn Vectors” which develops the same way: sinister art-pop at first and hard techno with acid stabs at the end. So here’s me begging the people of Mordant Music: Dear Mister Baron, one Vindicatrix record a year is not enough. Thank you…

Richard Ellmann

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