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Pablo Mandelbrot Hot Swap / Phantom Power MODISCH ABER UNRENTABEL (MAU 1, 12”)

When one gets a record from an unknown –in this case, emerging- label, with hardly any information, that looks like a pseudo-white label, with the blurry trace of a blue stamp, it’s only natural one thinks that behind this 12” is someone famous is concealing their identity. That’s what’s happening with most of the “anonymous” labels these days, from Wax to Seldom Felt or Frozen Border. It’s suspected that some established artist is in the shadows, looking for a moment of creative liberty and a place out of the spotlight. Who is Pablo Mandelbrot? The name could appear fake, but searching in the usual places to find some information it seems that, unless it’s all part of a complex and evil conspiracy, Mandelbrot exists, that he has worked as an engineer and musician on two records by Andrew Pekler and that he has a studio either in Germany or in the United States (word has it he lives in Maine). So it’s not someone moving away from the spotlights; he was never in them and now, discreetly, he’s stepping into the arena with a useful and fresh 12” that should be placed in the disco revival crates as a “hot tip”. The two tracks on the record –incredibly well-mastered and with a final cut at a very high volume, so much so that he has included a sticker with instructions about how to adjust the record needle so that it won’t saturate the audio channels– are lashes of pulsating bass lines and aerial synthesisers plus a minimal and mutant rhythmical base. On “Hot Swamp” the needle and the body jump with that skeletal and somewhat punky boogie that’s reminiscent of, for example, the most 70’s orthodox part of freak production outfits like Smith N Hack. In fact it would be reasonable to think Pablo is a parallel or associated project. We have to believe Mandelbrot exists and that “Phantom Power”, another dry and sexually charged B-side, is simply inspired by their ways. By the way, when played on a club soundsystem it sound a hundred times better than at home. Ronald Fritze

Pablo Mandelbrot - Hot Swap by subraw

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