Hot, Raw, Sex Hot, Raw, Sex


Jimmy Edgar Jimmy EdgarHot, Raw, Sex

8 / 10

Jimmy Edgar, Hot, Raw, Sex K7 (K7265EP, 12” + digital)

Something great happened when Jimmy Edgar stopped looking at Timbaland and discovered the real sexy motherfucker who was the genius, and the one that had always been, was the inimitable Prince. That was when Edgar forgot about the irregular geometry of R&B beats mixed with the anarchist processes of IDM and decided to focus on a more concise, and at the same time hotter, funk. Songs like “Hot, Raw, Sex” force you to wax your intimate parts and go out to the clubs to find someone up for a bit of grinding. It’s dirty sex for one night with no goodbye that Edgar is simulating on this bomb with George Clinton-style synths, guttural voices and allusions to early Detroit techno –there’s a lot of Model 500, of course- and the most heated episodes of the little man from Minneapolis who one day decided to change his name to a symbol. There’s a Prince revival going on, there’s a need for “real music” -played with virtuosity, arranged with futuristic details and delivered to the world with a high libido and the genital organs throbbing- and Jimmy Edgar wants to contribute his part, first with this song –remixed with extra pheromones and humidity by Machinedrum and with techno-soul intentions by Kris Wadsworth– and later on with his album “XXX”, which will be the ideal soundtrack to the imminent 3D porn flicks. Needless to say this 12” will have your ears dripping. Javier Blánquez

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