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Luke Abbott  Honeycomb Ep AMAZING SOUNDS (Amazingsounds 003, 12” + digital)

This is not surprising: James Holden’s “DJ Kicks” installment was heavily based on the esoteric music inspired by krautrock, in what could be considered yet another step beyond the progressive roots that germinated the microscopic sound of Border Community. Luke Abbott, who is also a member of the BC family (adopted temporarily by the Amazing sounds label and friends of Allez Allez), seems to be concentrating his efforts along similar lines. Where before there were perfect, linear melodies which climaxed in an irresistible way, there are now ecstatic noises, the ambient bubbles of spacial inspiration and ghosts of the past. This is not hauntology, but a style filtered by primitive sound effects -does anyone remember the B-side of Wesley Matsell’s maxi-single for Border Community?- which give a certain mysterious character to the tracks without disfiguring their essence, found in the trotting techno beats, the cracked melodies and the arpeggios –though now they more greatly resemble compositions by Oneohtrix Point Never than Booka Shade. There is one slightly redundant track though, “Present”, which is caught between chiptune and happy hardcore, and which doesn’t fit with the rest - the two minutes of analogue chaos and droney of “Schmitt Swell”, the devastating progressive meets cosmic of “Honeycomb” and the analogue synth-feast camouflaged as indietronica on “One Hundred And Thirteen”. It’s definite proof that Luke Abbott’s sound is changing just at the time we need it to most. Javier BlánquezLuke Abbott - Honeycomb

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