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Krts  Hold On EP

PROJECT:MOONCIRCLE (PMC087, 12” + digital)

The latest signing to the busy, ever expanding, German label Project Mooncircle is Krts; a producer from Brooklyn, New York snapped up by the label for a debut EP titled “Hold On”. Over the five tracks he displays a real talent for achieving the sort of modern boom bap sound that has been so en vogue in recent years, blended with a hefty dose of electronic sounds and influences. The opener, “Love Or Logic”, sets the tone with a jazzy mood interpreted through snippets of horn melodies over a loose rhythm and synths that build but never quite release in the way you expect them too, instead just adding a layer of intensity to the groove. It’s the follow up however, “Hold On”, which is the show stealer – a perfect blend of some of dubstep’s more obvious templates, with hip hop’s boom bap swing and some emotional vocal samples that create a beautiful song that’s both melancholic and upbeat. I know that sounds odd but Krts pulls it off.

The rest of the EP continues Krts’ intriguing blend of boom bap and electronics with productions that stay firmly on the Head Nod side of things. “Ghosts” is a notable highlight with its field recordings of trains and a rhythm carried almost entirely off hi hats and finger snaps. The EP is ended with a Glenn Astro remix of “Hold On” which takes the original into fully shuffling 2step territories, a surprising turn yet one that fits the vibe of the track perfectly with its ghostly vocal samples.

A strong debut for the Brooklyn producer and a nice addition to Mooncircle’s ever expanding catalogue of new school hip hop and electronic music. Also makes for a perfect introduction to the label for those unfamiliar with it.

Laurent Fintoni

“Hold On”

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