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Submerse & Resketch Submerse & ResketchHold It Down

8 / 10

Submerse & Resketch Hold It Down WELL ROUNDED RECORDS (WRND007, 10” + digital)

Despite two of the seven references in their catalogue coming from none other than Deadboy, Well Rounded Records is still a relatively unknown label to the less curious fans of garage, and a gem treasured over the past months by DJs and the more thorough gold diggers. No problem, everything at its own pace: if the Brighton label keeps this up it will just be a matter of time before it’s acknowledged as being in the same league as Glasgow’s Numbers and London’s Night Slugs, the third decisive leg in the popularisation of the most ecstatic and danceable vein of the confusing post-dubstep scene. On Well Rounded there’s a clear obsession with the old school, the uplifting melodies, the controlled euphoria. Check the high-pitched diva vocals and pre-2000 breaks: jungle, UK garage, pure nostalgia of the golden age of rave. On this release, pressed on very adequate 10” vinyl, one new producer stands out so much that we may have to get used to praising them in the near future. Submerse, like Girl Unit, Joy Orbison or Kavsrave, puts his trust in the high sounds and dreamy notes when it comes to evoking emotions, and although “Hold It Down” could be tiresome –think early Moby with helium voices and the pitch way up to the maximum, carried by a highly syncopated break–, as a whole the record is a highly satisfying experience. On the B-side Submerse teams up with Resketch for “Only”, which sounds like an old Rob Playford production for Moving Shadow: breaks, artcore, references to Omni Trio and LTJ Bukem, always with the sensual female vocals at the front. The exciting eroticism of post-garage.

Claude T. Hill

WRND007 Submerse 'Hold It Down' / Submerse & Resketch - 'Only' 10"

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