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These New Puritans Hidden Remixes DOMINO-ANGULAR (RUG390T-ARC079, 10”)

There is an art that is almost as hard a making a good remix, and that’s knowing how to choose the remixer. They seem different skills –one implies creativity; the other only instinct or a good nose– but both of them are crucial to the pursuit. There are artists who have cultivated prestige and posterity in a large part because of their work as remixers –Ewan Pearson, anyone?–, like there are bands who don’t exclusively belong to the electronica and avant-garde circuit, but who have a dense sound for the rock canons, for whom appearing remixed the right way is a necessary move. Does anyone remember who much bands like Tortoise or Fuck Buttons gained when they entered the world of the remix? These New Puritans, who transmit a heavy darkness, an occultist style and an urban rage that set them apart from the contemporary art-rock scene, are one of those bands who’ve gained a lot from a good remix. That’s why this vinyl is the way it is: pressed on limited edition white vinyl, on 10”, with a phantasmagoric contribution by Salem on the B-side ( “Hologram”) and an ethereal post-dubstep one by Ghost Hunter ( “We Want War”) right after it. Strange remixers but unique, skilful turns to a starkness which, like horror, has many faces. That’s why SBTRKT is there as well, using agitated beats for the reconstruction of “We Want War” and Main Attrakionz rapping over a base, from “3000”, which sounds too much –like the rest of the original “Hidden”– like hyper-futurist, cyberpunk and esoteric hip-hop. If you didn’t see TNP before as one of the bands of the year, this single can be the start of your reassessment.

Richard Ellmann

These New Puritans - Hologram (SALEM Remix)

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