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Aslope A Helping Hand EP HOBBY INDUSTRIES (HI021, 12” + digital)

Hobby Industries, label established in 1999 by Danish producer Opiate, had gone a bit quiet for a couple of years. So it happens, many brands, legendary or not, take breaks or disappear briefly to clean up there house or generate some new ideas. People could get the impression that they’ve disappeared into the ether of chaos, but in truth they are reorganising, and waiting for better times. For Hobby Ind., the moment of resurgence could well be right now: the new releases by Nabo and the debutant Torsten Lindso Andersen, alias Aslope, are setting a new standard with regards to the labels’ old aesthetic. Before, it was like a shy cross between the naïve charm of Morr Music and the digital complexity of Raster-Noton; today, Hobby Industries seems to be operating in the vein of enchanting IDM with traces of dubstep and other lyrical currents of bass music; closer to Mount Kimbie and other Hot Flush artists than to indietronica (which might be because of Aslope’s hip-hop background). The three original pieces of the 12” – “Close”, “Mercury Mouth” and “Quick”– take the break to build a structure without many jumps, with clear melodies and ssome eemingly James Blake-inspired textures calling the shots. They are impressions that make us think that this particular branch of post-dubstep could become, if it doesn’t become a bit more vigorous –think Joy Orbison- the next chill-out / elevator music. But “A Helping Hand EP” avoids anything commonplace or lazy, masks its dark zones (which are there) well and finishes with a transparent declaration of intent: an intricate remix of “Close”, with crossed harmonic lines and almost rushing beats, courtesy of the new hero of IDM with pop traces, man of the year, Gold Panda. Hobby via Aslope: a hopeful reactivation. Tom Madsen

Aslope - Close by aslope

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