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Downliners Sekt Downliners SektHello Lonely, Hold The Nation

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Downliners Sekt  Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation DISBOOT (dboot010, 12”)

We knew of the mysterious band who put out “The Saltire Wave” –but not who was directing the project or where they came from- and who had a sound that was both familiar and refreshing at once. Downliners Sekt seemed to have on their to-do list, as a priority: to dismantle post-rock, pick up the pieces and reassemble them by programming a new mechanism, and to transform the smooth, slippery drums close to jazz, blurring the ambience with pedal effects, and pairing the result with cold electronica to pollute the musical landscape. Fast forward to now – the blinding “Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation” – and we have learned more about them, and also that they have a plan. We know that D-Sekt is a trio based in Spain and France –watch out France, a nation rich in post-rock from Ulan Bator to Programme– who have studied the style’s potential evolutionary avenues with this maxi-single that sounds like the same group but ten years in the future, who are radically renewed but without denying their roots. Firstly, their sound has changed - there’s more micro-electronica and dub in the mechanism– and secondly, they are getting more attention from a potential audience that until now they had been disconnected from. To grow, you have to improve and be persistent.

As happens in an eclipse, there are times when the necessary elements line up in an auspicious manner. The four cuts on “Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation” –available on vinyl or download here – reduce the rock texture and increase the abstract crunch, the clicks’n’cuts and the stealthy dub, IDM and ambient strokes. The end is particularly magical, when “Negative Green” ends with vocal sparks of modified pitch a la Burial, and in this instance, D-Sekt have assimilated their influences without imitating them, to enrich their own language. This is clear on the rest of the EP: they don’t give up their tranquillity of character, their emotional intensity or the downtempo rhythm drawn from the best of dubstep –the Hessle Audio school– and ambient –i.e. 12k– to record the type of music that right now any fan of Mogwai circa “Rock Action” would be proud to give their name to. If everything goes according to plan, they say they’d like to release two more 12” cuts this year through the Barcelona based label, Disboot. There is no getting away now: we want them. Javier Blánquez

Downliners sekt - negative green by disboot

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