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FunkinEven FunkinEvenHeartpound / Another Space

9 / 10

FunkinEven Heartpound / Another Space EGLO (EGLO10, 12” + digital)

On the previous 12”, “She’s Acid / Must Love”, the bursts of TB-303 were an essential ingredient in the brew concocted by Londoner FunkinEven, but they weren’t necessarily what dominated the structure of those sexy hymns. The slow rhythm still ruled, the recovery and actualisation of the low-calorie swing of boogie-disco, and adding some harmonic acid-house lines was like adding cream or sugar to strawberries: an important detail to give the whole more flavour, but not essential at the end of the day. On his second single for Floating Point’s label, however, FunkinEven moves away from the shadow of Dâm-Funk in order to take a new direction. He no longer wants to be the seducer with his crude and analogue renovation of Prince’s instrumental pieces. He no longer is a boogie revivalist, but a jackmaster of the latest generation, raging with teeth clenched so tight it hurts. “Heartpound” is old school acid without shame or fear, led by a dry bass drums, heavy and whispering voices in the Bam Bam vein, a 303 that splashes more corrosive material than the autopsy of a facehugger from the “Alien” saga, a virtuous snare that runs and stops when it needs to. The weapons of mass destruction, as Tony Blair recently admitted, weren’t in Iraq: they should have invaded FunkinEven’s studio. True, “Another Space” is still in the old style, but with 80’s electro –baroque and stylised like Egyptian Lover’s, but brutal like Dynamix II’s– in mind. There are no reasons to deny what’s obvious: FunkinEven is up there.

Javier Blánquez

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