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T. Williams Heartbeat LOCAL ACTION (LOC003, 12” + digital)

With three releases this year, Tom Lea’s imprint will not enter the “label of the year” lists, even by the skin of it’s teeth, but it has already earned a spot on the “labels that will probably cause serious damage in 2011” lists. For his third release he once more puts his faith in half of the Deep Teknologi duo, who kick-started the label with “Afric” . And when we look at the Autumn the young Londoner has ahead of him, we’re not surprised Lea is sticking him. Tesfa Williams seems to be in unbeatable shape. Not even a month ago he released “Chop & Screw”, on which UK funky and electro-house made for a strange but attractive couple. With “Heartbeat” he opens up his creative space and makes it more sophisticated, adding nuances to the new London house that is the basis for his productions.

If with “Afric” we got to know the most tribal side of his creative current –and it looks like we’re going to get more of that, with “Getting Mine” about to be released on Buraka Som Sistema’s label, Enchufada–, “Heartbeat” exploits the most soulful side of the producer. Terri Walker, British R&B vocalist with an intermittent musical past, applies her voice and sexual pulse to this house ballad, hypnotic and elegant as she does it, sober and simple. A huge remnant of white satin to wraps you up in the wee hours of the morning. The best of all is that Mosca has taken this remnant and stamped it with 2step moiré, complicating the production with piano, sax and high doses of groove, playing with Walker’s vocals and, definitely, making the remix better than the original: a UK funky wet dream.

Mónica Franco

LOC003: T. Williams feat. Terri Walker - Heartbeat (out Nov 1) by Local Action Records

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