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DJ Nate DJ NateHatas Our Motivation

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DJ Nate, Hatas Our Motivation PLANET MU (ZIQ281, 12” + digital)

DJ Nate is to ghetto house as the technical narcotic screwed & chopped (suddenly very hot right now) was to Southern hip hop at the start of the decade: a slowing-down of rhythmic elements until they have a heavy narcotic feeling, almost ghostly. The rap albums that feel as though they have been injected with lead (recorded under the influence of powerful syrups which, upon drinking, partly anesthetise the body) are at the centre of what DJ Nate does. The 20 year old, originally from Chicago, is the biggest representative of junkin’, the new street scene that falls somewhere between hip-hop and ghetto-house, specifically between a Kanye West production during the “The College Dropout” period and the DJ Funk maxis for the Dancemania label, but all at half-speed (or less). Planet Mu is making some noise with this six track 12”, the precursor to an album in September, which is sure to be the eccentricity of the year. “Hatas Our Motivation” is a showcase of female vocals with the pitch raised so high that it exceeds that of a chipmunk. It’s gangsta house with a slow tempo (so much so that the claps and the bass seem to trip over each other), constant register changes, electro and English hardcore influences, and above all, an absolute freedom, free from prejudice and copying from other scenes. DJ Nate is a virgin creator, uncorrupted, who has yet to make contact with electronic music’s principal block. He has been creating with total freedom, with no objective beyond making his neighbours dance (the technique known as footworkin’), and he shows us here something usually difficult to find: absolute freedom which leads to innovation, a breath of fresh air, just as ghetto-tech, drill’n’bass and jumpstyle were years before, and gives it an ephemeral style resistant to time. DJ Nate is revamping the rules of the relationship between hip-hop and house, and that can be nothing short of wonderful news.

Javier Blánquez

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