Gully Goon Estate EP Gully Goon Estate EP


Joker / Terror Danjah / Illmana Joker / Terror Danjah / IllmanaGully Goon Estate EP

8 / 10

Joker / Terror Danjah / Illmana Gully Goon Estate EP HARDRIVE (HDR002-12, 12”)

Let’s try to imagine what recording sessions at Terror Danjah’s studio are like. Little space, a small sofa, stuff everywhere, rapidfire phrases going out on Twitter. Maybe a thick cloud of smoke. But most of all, compact and heavy air, charged with the thickness of the trademark basslines. The speakerboxes spit pressure like a fire extinguisher spits foam. Danjah is always seen as the godfather of grime, but he could be the godfather of napalm as well, and of non-existing weapons of mass destruction –at least in Iraq, because in his head there are loads. These two cuts are the result of Danjah inviting Joker and Illmana to his London crib in order to manufacture a couple of hits with which to destroy the bodies of the grime rave fans. Those who have had access to the promo files know the great results both “Gully Goon Estate” –with Joker– and “Screama” –with Illmana– give: shoulder and hip injures, headaches, occasional accidents when spreading arms and legs and kicking the one next to you. It’s war. It’s grime of the new generation, more experimental and rabid, taken to levels of excellence rarely found.The weight of all that is carried by Terror Danjah, and he even adds his particular trademark –the hysterical gremlin laugh at the start of every production– to make it clear who’s boss. But Joker and Illmana also contribute a lot to make this 12” one of the most lethal out there right now. “Gully Goon Estate” appears varnished with epic synth lines, greasy and bordering on madness: it’s a blitzkrieg of sharp notes and high-pitched alien melodies. “Screama” is more dry, and the mental state it generates is one of tension and internal fear. In both cases, the grime of late 2010 and early 2011 shows its vital constants are active and the senses alert, like an animal looking for food on enemy territory. Watch your back. Ronald Fritze

Illmana & Terror Danjah - Screama by Illmana

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