We Got More / Moving Glowstream EP We Got More / Moving Glowstream EP


Eskmo EskmoWe Got More / Moving Glowstream EP

7 / 10

Eskmo  We Got More / Moving Glowstream EP

NINJA TUNE (ZENDNLS272, digital)

Ninja Tune’s latest sound scientist, Eskmo, follows up his recent debut album for the label with an EP that showcases one of the album’s more approachable tracks – “We Got More” – in its video edit version alongside six remixes, three for the title track and three for “Moving Glowstream”, another album cut.

The remixes are therefore the main attraction here with a line up that neatly covers different, yet complementary, corners of the electronic music world – Amon Tobin, Slugabed, Throwing Snow, Loops Haunt, Kilon TeK and Savile.

Fellow ninjas Tobin and Slugabed both tackle “Moving Glowstream” – the former keeping his version close to the original while adding his distinctive sonic stamp on it, and the latter flipping it into a bouncing, bass-fuelled headnod monster. Savile offers up the third “Moving Glowstream” remix, taking the track into deep, chugging house territory – the perfect opposite of the other two, and a great slow burner to boot.

Throwing Snow is first to remix “We Got More”, managing to send the original into deeper bass territories, with some lush rhythmic workouts and a killer drop. Kilon TeK keeps it in deeper bass realms with his remix: a slow chugger led by grinding synth lines and a bass kick loud enough to melt your face. Loops Haunt rounds off the “We Got More” remixes with his own inimitable style that sees the original twisted into the submission of a slower bpm, a low slung rhythm and given a drop that is sure to leave a few people picking their jaws off the floor.

All in all a strong little EP from Ninja, worth picking up to get yourself acquainted with some names you should by rights be hearing more from in the future.

Laurent Fintoni

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