6am El Gordos 6am El Gordos


Brackles Brackles6am El Gordos

8 / 10

Brackles  6am El GordosBRAIN MATH (MATH08, 12”)

“Limited copies”, distributor ST Holdings assures us. Cool: we all like exclusive stuff. But, what does it mean (from the same source) “limited info”? Since when music can be under summary secret or those involved have sworn on the Bible to maintain their silence? Is this the first “off the record” release in history or a vinyl that doesn’t “spill the beans” because someone has kidnapped its daughter under threat of killing her if any information would be disclosed? What is on evidence here, jokes aside, is that the first maxi-single by Rob Kempt on Brain Math, the label currently offering the most delicious material from the post-dubstep galaxy via one sided editions printed with rhythmic manoeuvres of high subjugation power. “6am El Gordos” follows this pattern: just one track and one intention to explore the vast and unknown territory detected at the boundaries of dubstep contaminated by IDM, garage, hip hop and broken beats. The piece has a grammatically incorrect title (it should read “El Gordo” or “Los Gordos"), but regarding its roll on the wonky scene there are no mistakes, in spelling or construction. The beat sits as well with the luxury expansion of the 2step type and the deepness of the dub. It has several moments where the delay spreads like fire on a library, but the contrast is over it as Brackles superimposes notes, sparkles of vintage Detroit techno as if we were in front of a Carl Craig and Burial “close encounters of the third kind”. Read like this, it sounds seductive. By listening to it, even more so. Javier Blánquez

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