Gold Tooth Grin Gold Tooth Grin


Taz TazGold Tooth Grin

8 / 10

Taz Gold Tooth Grin NUMBERS (NMBRS3, 12” + digital)

“Gold Tooth Grin” seemed to be a forever doomed track. It’s dubplate release was historic, there wasn’t a DJ out there who hadn’t used it as a closing track and those who had it knew that he had a life insurance in his hands. It wasn’t the first bomb that Taz Buckfaster dropped on the grime and dubstep scene, but it was the one with the most possibilities of becoming an eternal anthem, like Joker’s “Digidesign”: four epic minutes of crunk rhythms and war-waging synthesisers. Unfortunately, it’s release date kept being postponed, the waiting time got longer and longer and, now that it’s finally out on vinyl, its euphoric effect and the surprise factor have somewhat worn off. However there are two variables that give hope of new life for Taz’s masterpiece. One of them is Numbers: anything released by the Scottish imprint counts for double, like Tyson’s fists; the other is Joker’s silence this year, and therefore the lack of purple material for energetic bass DJs. And there should be a third: “Gold Tooth Grin” is only one of the three cuts on this vinyl, and both “Robogrime” –which is a reinforced version of a Wiley production– and “Strike First”, a garage-grime hybrid with the heaviest basslines heard (and felt, in the gut) in a long time, add value to the release. In his book “Decision Points”, George W. Bush lamented not having found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He should have gone to Taz’s place. He would have found an arsenal capable of destroying neurons and digestive systems.

Claude T. Hill

Taz - Gold Tooth Grin by frankyboy

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