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SRC SRCGold Coinz

9 / 10

SRC  Gold Coinz NUMBERS (NMBRS5, 12” + digital)

I read a title like “Gold Coinz” and I can only think about treasure hunters and a supersonic hedgehog. Bingo: SRC is one of those grime producers who openly admit to be influenced by 8bits music and the 80s sonic landscape including electro. Of course, the aforementioned gold coins are the ones from the mythical “ Sonic” or any other video-game where the aim is to accumulate points by collecting everything that appears on the screen, as it’s the case of Joker and Gemmy, defining an aesthetic between retro and the stimulus from the powerful bass and the brain shattering low frequency oscillations of brand new music. If only in a gestating stage, we can already anticipate a bright future to SRC: there is skill, swing and it possesses a variety of sounds that fit simultaneously into the rudest grime context as into the most coloured post-dubstep for white boys that still buy IDM records. The four tracks included on the vinyl edition are the perfect mix of break electro –robotic, loaded with break-dance nostalgia à la Egyptian Lover– and the low frequency power of grime, all of it connected by old video-game melodies twisted by the right amount of baroque: when it seems is gearing towards the “kitsch” they turn to future funk, and when it seems that’s not powerful enough, they flex their muscle, transforming what it could be considered four efforts by a lazy youngster on a games console, into four bangers that if loud enough could create some serious damage in any club. I’ve nearly given a ten to “ Gold Coinz”. I haven’t done it through modesty, but I have to let you know, we are in front of some of the most exciting current music. Is SRC, Joker and Terror Danjah‘s nemesis? Claude T. Hill


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