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Auntie Flo  Goan Highlife HUNTLEYS + PALMERS (H+P001, 10” + digital)

This release is also a rite of passage. Glasgow –and sometimes London– has Huntleys And Palmers as one of the many options for nightly entertainment, where artists such as Pilooski, Jackmaster, Rebolledo, Gold Panda and Four Tet are regulars. Now, the promoter has started a label with the same name, and the first release is by Auntie Flo, the alias of DJ Brian d’Souza, agitator of the Glasgow nightlife with his Highlife parties and one of the first to play the records of the Cómeme label (Aguayo, Rebolledo, Dj Pareja, etc.) at the Scottish capital’s clubs.

With those precedents in mind, one listens to “Highlife”, the opening track, imagining a club rammed with Scotsmen hypnotised by the tantric pounding of mestizo dance music. Sampled African percussion to construct the rhythm, playful basslines and a “la la la” that makes one jump around like a mad man. Imagine John Talabot making “Sunshine” while drunk on calimocho, Spanish youth’s favourite mix of red wine and cola; the result would be close to this. “Goa”, on the flipside, goes easier on the African passion, but there’s still a distinct smell of piña colada and coconut oil, thanks to a syncopated rhythm that brings it closer to the Caribbean, and slowed-down UK funky at the same time, than to Africa, or Goa, for that matter. It’s not in the rhythm where the track title is honoured, but in the guitar plucking, reminiscent of the epic Spanish guitars in nineties dance tracks such as “Right In The Night” by Jam & Spoon or “Sister Golden Hair” by Spanic. And in spite of the difference between the two tracks, the effect is the same: hypnosis of the “astral voyage in the company of your favourite shaman” kind.

Mónica Franco

Goan Highlife by Auntie Flo

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