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Fulgeance Glamoure EP MUSIQUE LARGE (ML007, 12” + digital)

Pierre Troel measures out his appearances carefully. This is his first 12” this year (released just before the year’s end, so it’s probably his last, too) and the fourth since 2007, and as has been the case since his music impacted on the arty beat-making scene –which we have subsequently called wonky, bass and avant-hip-hop scene, without Fulgeance being any of these things– for the first time, with the “Chico EP”, he only offers quality. The level of refinement the French producer reaches is fascinating, although it shouldn’t be, as it’s actually just common sense: once you have a perfect piece, release it; don’t put out sketches or sound fragments if you’re not totally convinced. Here we have four demonstrations of Fulgeance’s talent to feed all kinds of cosmic dreams and explorations of black music: from “Glamoure” to the jazz chaos of “Vengeance”, Fulgeance shows that he is growing as an artist and that his music evolves logically and with an eye on the present. He might be one of the best beatmakers around right now.

There are two elements that add salt and pepper to Fulgeance’s new beats. One is boogie, the teasing funky notes that aren’t new nor groundbreaking –his fellow countryman Onra’s complete album on All City, “Long Distance”, for example, is made like that–, but Troel also adds unexpected influences from drag, with guttural voices and witch house breaks –note the graphic title of “Chopped & Screwed”–, and completes the single with remixes by Kelpe (on the Flying Lotus tip) and GaBlé (in the Bibio vein) which add more depth and space to the 12”. Simply, a must have. Ronald Fritze

Glamoure by fulgeance

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