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Maxmillion Dunbar Maxmillion DunbarGirls Dream

9 / 10

Maxmillion Dunbar, Girls Dream RAMP RECORDINGS (RAMP035, 12” + digital)

Maxmillion Dunbar should be a trending topic in your iTunes library, MP3 player or, if you’re the old school classy type, on your Technics decks. This is an EP to play non stop during summer, one of those works which matches quality with originality and ever more accentuates the personality of a creator on fire. Maxmillion Dunbar is Andrew Field-Pickering, member of Food For Animals –freaky hip-hop + cubist IDM– and now also 50% of Beautiful Swimmers, explorers of leftfield disco, Balearic sounds and other hot night and swimming pool rhythms. Expect anything from the Maryland B-boy who loves breaks and cosmic sound carpets, like the summarising of the formula (more top secret than Coca Cola) for unifying both approaches in one project, which is what gives Maxmillion Dunbar a special and spatial dimension. Starting at the end, “Ambient Lemon & Lime” is a friendly surface chill-out like The Irresistible Force at their best, but adapted to the new wave of sounds meant to be enjoyed in a hammock. On that same side of the vinyl we find “Bells Dream Bonus Dub”, with its oriental melody and congas, a lazy beat somewhere between trip-hop and slow house with an intoxicating result. Resuming Maximillion Dunbar’s futuristic lingo we have “Girls Dream”, a Balearic hymn with zero epic and all charm, with samples of sharp vocals and passion for the boogie. Field-Pickering is moving up the creative curve, making him an artist to keep an eye on. Javier Blánquez

Maxmillion Dunbar - Girls Dream by factmag

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