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8 / 10

Tiga, Gentle Giant Remixes TURBO (Turbo 084, 12”)

The capacity of Tiga to be all over the place still astonishes me. It gets harder every time to put him in a spot -not only as a composer or DJ but also as the head honcho of the Turbo imprint- because he refuses to stick to one particular style. People refer to him as that electroclash god who jumped to fame guided by DJ Hell, but it’s unlikely that the Tiga of today would record a kitsch hymn such as that “Sunglasses At Night” cover. He plays a different field, oscillating between acid and smash house, looking for the complicity of both the gay and hetero audiences, makes music for weddings without forgetting about quality and detail. His latest album “Ciao!” wanted to be many things, to please different crowds. Now the remixes of “Gentle Giant” are here –a track that in its original version features vocals by Jake Shears of Scissors Sisters– and the Canadian draws from two different hooks: on one hand the participation of Shears, right when the new SS album is released, and on the other the recognition that the remixers have obtained from those who love cool techno. Martyn, Efdemin and Mathew Jonson form an attractive trio for a gourmet of microscopic minimal, of the techno sound with Detroit and contemporary dub radiation, and once the two sides of the vinyl come to a close, the question is: what’s really left of Tiga and Shears on this single? Sure, the voice (when it’s respected, which its not always), but the real appeal is to see how Martyn does his magic with a combination of slow-motion hardcore, house pianos and dubstep basslines –it’s a high point in his career, this remix, how Efdemin applies the influences of the Chain Reaction label in his already liquid house and, last but not least, how Mathew Jonson prolongs the state of downtempo and spatial grace of his recently released album “Agents Of Time”, with a vaguely schaffel remix. Tiga is very smart and this record is very good, even though it doesn’t balance in a club. Richard Ellman


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