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Walls WallsGaberdine Remix EP

9 / 10

Walls Gaberdine Remix EP KOMPAKT (KOMPAKTDIGITAL010, digital)

From time to time, Kompakt releases a record that stands out from the rest of its catalogue because of its tendency towards the atmospheric, letting the melody prevail over the constant kick drum that honours the techno roots of the Cologne-based label. A few seasons ago it was the Gas reissues, the marvellous album by Closer Musik or the occasional albums by some of the guests for the “Pop Ambient” compilations. This year, the share of sweet textures comes from the twosome Walls Allez Allez vs. Banjo Or Freakout–, and it’s not at all a dance album. However, one track, this “Gaberdine” now released with a remix, did move towards the euphoria and ecstasy of the dancefloor. It was, out of all of them, the biggest candidate for a remix, and here we have it: only as a digital file, without vinyl version (pity), but the label has been generous and it’s worth the download. Five variations and all of them good enough to give them space on your hard disc. Two were already known –the “Ambient Version” by Nathan Fake, which sounds like an ice cube melting in the sun, and the ten minutes of pseudo-trance epic in the Border Community vein: two consistent contributions to the impeccable curriculum of the hobbit-haired boy–, and the rest should go the same way and get exposure without boundaries. I like the halts and accelerations of the “Radiant Dragon Mix”, they create a tension which on the dancefloor, in the early hours, should work very well, and the “Truffle Shuffle’s Epic Stoner Mix” recovers, with variations and good decisions, two nuances of the Kompakt aesthetic: trance-pop and schaffel, but the grand remix –besides Nathan Fake– of this release is the “Infant Mix”, with a final part of cosmic intentions and arpeggios that take you to fantasy territory. From start to finish, this is a great antidote to boring techno.

Ronald Fritze

Walls - Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Ambient Version)

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