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TV Victor TV VictorGRV Vol. 1

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TV Victor GRV Vol. 1 NON STANDARD PRODUCTIONS (nsp08, 12” + digital)

Udo Heitfeld went missing for almost a decade. He had played a key role in the consolidation of techno in Berlin at the beginning of the 90’s, after the Wall came down and the new winds of liberty and progress had started to blow. A canonic artist of the first German trance, a pillar of the first years of the Tresor label and after that an ambient stylist in the vein of Pete Namlook, a collaborator of Moritz Von Oswald, and a pioneer of the liquefaction of techno via the dub. Not a bad CV, I’d say. And then, one day, Heitfeld practically disappeared off the map after delivering an excessive double CD – “Timeless Decceleration” (Tresor, 2000)– with 140 minutes of hypnotic textures and hardly any danceable beats. What has TV Victor been up to? Where did he go? Where did Tobias Freund, half of .nsi, track him down to drag him to the recording studio to complete these three pieces that are his return to the land of the living? With the contents of this “GRV Vol. 1”, many of those questions become irrelevant. We don’t care. Instead, it’s admirable how TV Victor makes his music starting with a clean slate, re-learning everything he needs to practise hypnotic techno and get results that come partly owing to his experience, but also from scratch, straight off the bat. Closer to Villalobos than to Vladislav Delay, on the three cuts included here Heitfeld lets convulsed rhythmic manoeuvres glide down ambient slides in what could be a reasonable kind of 90’s nostalgia –and there will be more, as a graphic on the backside of the record sleeve and the “Vol. 1” of the title indicates. He also, although it may seem contradictory, joins the analogue and bubbling techno avant-garde - which is, for now, the only acceptable evolution of the minimal of a couple of years ago. Richard Ellmann

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